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Six-A Firmware Update (Jul 26, 2016 by Ryjobe)


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    Cassie Sichmeller

    The current firmware revisions as of today (08/02/2016) are

    ~ 1.80 (Fresco SIX-G, Gen 1) Revision Number found the upper right hand of the LCD Screen

    ~ 2.21 (Fresco SIX-G, Gen 2) Revision Number found the upper right hand of the LCD Screen

    ~ 1.07 (Fresco SIX-A) If you have a version PRIOR to 1.07 there will be no revision number on the unit. One of the things 1.07 add is the "revision number" on the signal info screen.

     A lot of folks ask what the difference between "Gen 1" and "Gen 2" of the SIX-G are and the answer is: Nothing from a functional standpoint. We decided to change some minor components (for non-technical reasons) so there are 2 hardware versions, BUT we will always include 2 firmware releases when they happen (i.e. 1.x and 2.x firmware will always be identical.) You will know what firmware is compatible with your unit by only using firmware that begins with the same number your unit has (again, i.e. 1.x or 2.x).


    The Generator MUST be on Version 1.79 Minimum for the cable test to function correctly and future firmware on the SIX-G or SIX-A will not affect interactivity of the units (Like cable test).

     Here is a summary of the firmware revisions:

     SIX-G Firmware 1.69 and earlier:

    ~ We will use this firmware as the "Start" because everything from 1.0 to 1.69 was primarily bug fixes.

    ~ If you have a version prior to 1.69, we highly recommend you contact us to update.

     SIX-G Firmware 1.70

    ~ This revision was the first to have HDR Support

    ~ Custom HDR Metadata Injection was added

    ~ CalMAN HDR Support was added

     SIX-G Firmware 1.77 & 2.14 (Based on Hardware) (Big update)

    ~ This revision was to add Dolby Vision Support (W/CalMAN as well)

    ~ Expanded HDR Metadata Support Memories

    ~ Removed "useless" patterns (Target)

    ~ Added Black Raster and vertical, horizontal Multi-burst

    ~ Dolby Vision test pattern added

    ~ BT2020 Support

    ~ Added all SMPTE (4096 resolutions)

    ~ 4K 10 and 12 BIT deep color support added (4:2:0, 4:2:2, 4:4:4)

    ~ Automatic Cable test support with SIX-A

    ~ (NOTE: This revision has a bug that automatically changes resolutions/color space without your direction, we recommend you update if you are on this version.)

     SIX-G Firmware 1.80 & 2.21 (Based on Hardware) (Current 08/02/2016)

    ~ Major bug fix (Noted above)

    ~ Support for custom Pattern Uploader software (Posted 08/02/2016)

     SIX-A Firmware 1.01

    ~ Launch Firmware (All Standard features included)

     SIX-A Firmware 1.07

    ~ Added firmware revision number on signal info screen

    ~ Added ability to query pixel per pixel "Pass" and "Fail" from API or Software


    Please contact with questions regarding firmware.


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