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Testing HDMI cables only (Apr 26, 2016 by EdCrandall)


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    Cassie Sichmeller

    MurideoTech said May 12, 2016

    The best way to verify a cable passes the signal you want is to hook it up to a known good sink (display). We like the Samsung JS-7000 as a good low-cost option. Once you have a sink, you can simply choose the highest possible resolution (3840x2160@60, RGB (0-255)). This will be sending near 18GBPS. We recommend leaving this hooked up for at least several minutes as the integrity can be compromised over a short time even if you get a picture right away. We are in process of developing a cable testing module that will be released with the Fresco SIX-A HDMI Signal Analyzer, slated to release next week. Once this product is available you will hook a cable between the two units and it will run a series of resolutions through the cable and verify receipt of a signal. For cable manufacturers, we recommend also reaching out to DPL Labs who has experience and highly sophisticated tools that can further verify cable integrity to give a full certification.

     Sorry for the late response, next time I will answer much faster.

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