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    Cassie Sichmeller
    MurideoTech said Nov 18, 2015
    No, you do not have to have CalMan to use this generator, in fact, you can do almost everything without even taking out a computer. Additionally, there is free control software that can be downloaded at the bottom of this page:

    I assume you are primarily referring to calibration and the answer, technically, is no here too. You can manually put in any RGB Triplet, APL, IRE, Window Size and take individual measurements, in effect making useful for ANY software. 

    For calibration automation (ie. Software automatically pulls up the pattern to be measured) - Yes - CalMan 5.6 (and later) is the only software that has Murideo built in at this time. HOWEVER - We offer full API documentation so it can be implemented with anyone unique application or software. To obtain the API document simply send an email to and it will be sent. 

    We are continually working with new software partners, and future implementations are in progress.
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