New calibration related features for 2020 Alpha 9 Gen3 OLED TVs

New calibration related features for 2020 Alpha 9 Gen3 OLED TVs

Some news out of CES 2020 that pertains to the new 2020 Alpha 9 Gen3 LG OLED TVs and calibration.

1) There is a new HDR internal test pattern generator. With these patterns you can now fully validate an HDR10 and/or HLG calibration after CalMAN AutoCal. Dolby Vision validation will still require an external test pattern generator such as the Murideo 6G or 7G

2) The 2pt White balance controls are no longer greyed out after CalMAN 1D LUT AutoCal. This was specifically requested by Hollywood in order to tweak the grayscale after AutoCal. This will help visually match displays of different technologies (for example RBG OLED to WRGB OLED).

3) HDMI Override Menu. This feature was another request from Hollywood post production users. This is a hidden menu that is triggered with a remote key combination. I will post a video showing the code and how to activate it.

The HDMI Override Menu allows a user to force the TV into HDR10 or HLG mode, change the colorimetry from BT.709 to BT.2020. You can also pick the mastering display peak and MaxCLL value that gets fed into the SoC. There are certain things in this menu that do not work currently, Because they are seen as features that might be added in later models or years. For example, the colorimetry setting has a P3D65 mode, but it does not actually do anything because the TV does not have a P3 gamut mapping.

4) FilmMaker mode for SDR and HDR can be calibrated with CalMAN AutoCal