Seven G format requirements for custom test patterns/images/video files

Seven G format requirements for custom test patterns/images/video files

One great feature of the Seven G is the ability for a user up upload custom test images, test patterns, or video clips. Although the Seven G has hundreds of these files built-in, it is sometimes desirable to use a custom image or video clip. This is helpful when verifying a calibration, or perhaps testing a display for compliance or performance. Below you will see a list of requirements for any images, patterns, or video clips that you'd like to upload. 

*NOTE - if your file does not meet the following requirements, there are many ways to convert the file to a type that will work with the Seven G. Some users have reported that using Photoshop is an easy way to convert file types. 

FHD1920x1080 or UHD3840x2160
Picture Type:
yuv, rgb, bmp, jpg, jpeg, png, gif, tif, tiff
Video Type:
yuv, mov, mp4, or multi picture folder(support rgb, bmp, jpg, jpeg, png, gif, tif, tiff. such as pic0001.bmp, pic0002.bmp, pic0003.bmp...)
Note: In the 'multi-picture folder' video type, the number of pictures must be less than 4320 FHD pictures or 10800 UHD pictures.
When in FHD mode, the number of pictures in the multi-picture folder must be a multiple of 4, for example, 4, 8, 12, 60, etc. If it is 7
pictures, the last 3 pictures will be ignored and will not be upload into the 7G device.
Video Length:
total frames less than 10800. (such as:3 minutes and fps = 60, total frames is 3x6x60 = 10800) 
rgb type:
file size = 6220800 //FHD1920x1080 //RGB888
file size = 24883200 //UHD3840x2160 //RGB888
file size = 26542080 //4096X2160  //RGB888 //all left and right black bezel
yuv type:
file size = 3110400 //FHD1920x1080 //8bit p420
file size = 8294400 //FHD1920x1080 //dolby file
file size = 24883200 //UHD3840x2160 //12bit p420
file size = 33177600 //UHD3840x2160 //dolby file

I have attached two images. One is the original test pattern (colorful), and what the same test pattern looks like after being uploaded with an incompatible file type (white screen).

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or email us directly at 



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