HDMI cable test with Murideo test equipment

HDMI cable test with Murideo test equipment

Here are the steps needed to perform an HDMI cable test with the Murideo Six G/Six A test kit


1) Connect the HDMI cable that you would like to test to the Six G

2) Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the Six A

3) Power up both units

4) Press the OK button on the Six A

5) Using the navigation buttons on the Six A, press either LEFT or RIGHT until you arrive at the CABLE TEST page

6) There are 6 different signal types that you can test the HDMI cable with

  1.    a) 2160p@60 (18g)
  2.    b) 2160p@24 (14g)
  3.    c) 2160p@30 (9g)
  4.    d) 1080p@60 (4.5g)
  5.    e) 720p@60 (2.2g)
  6.    f) 480p@60 (1g)

7) Using the navigation buttons on the Six A, press UP or DOWN to select the resolution that you'd like to test.

8) Press OK on the Six A

9) The Six A and Six G will communicate with each other and the test will begin

10) The following tests will be performed:

  1.    a) 5v hotplug
  2.    b) DATA CH0
  3.    c) DATA CH1
  4.    d) DATA CH 2
  5.    e) DDC
  6.    f)  HPD

11) If the cable passes you will see the following (see attached picture):

  1.    a) 5v OK
  2.    b) DATA CH0 0 ERRORS
  3.    c) DATA CH1 0 ERRORS
  4.    d) DATA CH 3 0 ERRORS
  5.    e) DDC PASS
  6.    f)  HPD PASS

12) If the cable fails you may see a variety of errors on the Six A. The 5v may fail, you may have a number of errors on DATA CH 0, 1, or 2, the DDC may fail, or the HPD may fail (see attached picture). If you experience any of these things you will want to replace the HDMI cable in question.

13) For a full HDMI cable test, repeat steps 7 - 9. If the cable passes all tests you can confidently proceed with your installation!



  1. ALWAYS test an HDMI cable BEFORE installation.
  2. Use conduit when possible. If a cable fails in the future or needs to be upgraded, It is much easier to pull cable through conduit.
  3. If you are using a directional cable be sure that it is running in the right direction or the cable test WILL fail!
Check out this video for a full walkthrough of the cable test with either the Six G/A or the Fox & Hound

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