Six G will not connect to Calman - steps for troubleshooting

Six G will not connect to Calman - steps for troubleshooting

Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you troubleshoot if your Six G (GEN1 or GEN2) will not connect to Calman:

1) Confirm that Windows generates a COM port in Device Manager when you connect the Six G. If not, you may need to reload the driver. The Calman driver pack can be found here

2) Try a different USB port on your PC

3) Try a different USB cable

4) If you are using a USB hub, bypass that and connect the Six G directly to your PC

5) Is the USB port on the Six G physically broken? You can connect via serial and the Six G will operate as normal. You will need the cable that is described in the attached PDF. If you do not have one feel free to contact support at or contact support via the chat feature on and we will supply the cable as a courtesy.  

6) Manually set the generator to a timing that is not 4k. I recommend one of the 1080p timings. Then attempt to connect to Calman.

7) Do you have the latest version of Calman? Locate the red dropdown menu that is labeled "Calman" in the upper left corner of Calman. Click the dropdown, then select "About", then "Check for a newer version".

8) Do you have the latest FW on your Six G? Firmware with instructions are located at under the "Firmware" tab at the top of the page.

Still having issues? Contact support via chat on, email us at, or you can submit a ticket directly from this portal.


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