Sony - Which types of 8K and 4K video signals are supported by the Android TV or Google TV?

Sony - Which types of 8K and 4K video signals are supported by the Android TV or Google TV?

Here is a full list of which Sony TVs support which video formatsThis list covers all models back to 2014.

Take note that some models will require the use of a specific input for 8k signals. 

Sony suggests these essential tips before installation and configuration of the TV:

  • Install the latest FW
  • Be sure to have a Premium High Speed HDMI® cable (up to 18Gbps) when viewing 4K video content.
  • Be sure to have an Ultra High Speed HDMI cable (up to 48 Gbps) when viewing 8K and 4K/120 Hz video content.
For testing HDMI cables for functionality and bandwidth check out the Murideo Six G/Six A combo, or the Fox & Hound

For trusted HDMI cables check out Bullet Train. These cables come in lengths up to 100m, and are available in 18Gbps and 48Gbps bandwidth.

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